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With real estate agents and developers rarely behind a desk, it’s easy to fall behind on client communication and quickly become disorganized under a pile of scribbled notes.

There are many moving parts to communicating with clients who are searching for or building their next home. In a lot of ways, technology has drastically changed the way you communicate with your clients.

With a voice over internet protocol (VoIP), managing a team of agents, multiple office locations, and client communication is easier and more seamless than ever. Whether you are a commercial builder or a residential agent, an internet-based phone system provides benefits that traditional phone systems can’t deliver.

ComNet Solutions provides VoIP systems that enhance security, cut costs, increase productivity, and promote scalability in your organization.

Who We Serve:

Serving a variety of real estate segments, from commercial construction to interior designers and planners, we understand that having the right technology grants you immediate access to the information you and your clients need on the double.

The Challenges You Face & The Solutions We Provide:

Your clients are focused on creating or purchasing the perfect home, which means you should be focused on providing the tools to make the sale, instead of thumbing through disorganized pages of notes.

A VoIP system ensures each phone call, and essential information is stored in the cloud. Meaning, all call notes, meeting notes, and personal information is accessible at any time, making it easy to communicate with clients faster while on the go.

Additionally, functionality plays a significant role in productivity and efficiency. With the click-to-call operation, you can easily see which staff members are available for calls and create a unified message across multiple locations. Other functions include call recording, which is beneficial for training, and personnel grouping for foreign language assistance.