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With massive progression in technology, like robotic surgeries and drones, it’s easy to overlook the basics of traditional human communication. But a working and efficient phone system is critical for patient and doctor relationships.

With a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system, technology is rapidly changing how doctors, patients, and providers communicate. Whether your organization is a large hospital, veterinary clinic, medical device supplier, or emergency care center, an internet-based phone system provides benefits that traditional phone systems can’t deliver.

ComNet Solutions provides VoIP systems that enhance security, cut costs, increase productivity, and promote scalability in your organization.

Who We Serve:

Serving a variety of healthcare sectors from doctor groups to veterinary clinics, and hospital management groups and medical device suppliers, we understand the breadth of technology required to maintain productive and secure facilities.

The Challenges You Face & The Solutions We Provide:

The healthcare industry is overwhelmed with the patient-doctor ratio. In fact, there are 295 physicians per 100,000 people in the US. Inundated with patients, nurses, and doctors can’t keep up with each individual.

With a VoIP system, each phone call and data collection is stored in the cloud. Meaning, any doctor or nurse who takes a phone call from a patient has immediate access to previous call logs, records, prescriptions, doctor’s notes, etcetera. With the most critical information readily available, organizations increase productivity, save time scheduling appointments and filing claims, and enhance the overall patient experience.

Additionally, functionality plays a significant role in productivity and efficiency. With the click-to-call operation, you can easily see which medical staff are available for calls. Other functions include call recording, which is beneficial for malpractice suits and claims, and personnel grouping for foreign language assistance.