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ComNet Solutions provides premise and cloud-based telecommunications solutions for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that your critical business telecommunications systems are there for you when you need them.

Our team understands you are not simply buying equipment when purchasing a voice or voice-over-IP system, but you are investing in a critical business partnership with us. We are also aware that the options available for this industry can be a little muddy.

The ComNet team guides you through selecting the right solution for your business. Whether it be a premise or cloud-based voice network, we will work with you through the installation and life-cycle of your new phone system.

We also provide a variety of systems, networks, and user management services and resources available to you to maintain your system to peak performance.

ComNet Solutions also offers a suite of warranty, preventive maintenance and service plans that are designed to fit the support requirements and budget requirements for any type or size of business.

Post-Deployment Services

  • Emergency system service
  • System maintenance
  • User support
  • Consulting support

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Multi-Year Support Plan

Our popular multi-year support plans offer a considerable discount over single year plans or on-demand service. Infrastructure and network consulting services are bundled within each warranty and service plan.

This service provides the opportunity to maximize the hardware configuration, software and application capabilities, and network performance of your infrastructure to provide the highest staff productivity, office efficiency and most importantly, service to your callers.

Warranty Plans – ComNet Warranty Response Coverage

Our manufacturer-certified technical staff is motivated and responsive, supporting 90-day, one or two-year applicable manufacturer equipment and component warranty programs with ComNet Warranty Response Coverage on installation materials and labor. With some suppliers, extended equipment and component warranties are available at extra cost.

Licensing Agreements and Assurance

Depending on your type of system, its deployment strategy and applicable equipment and phones, manufacturer software, and application licensing agreements will be required. Software performance and enhancement upgrade assurance or subscription programs are also available to keep the operating system and applications consistent with new releases.

Managed Services Plans – ComNet Service Response Plans

Warranty plans can be extended with ComNet Service Response Plans that offer response and support level options based on your needs and budget. Service plans can be tailored to your specific business needs and operating schedule with 24 hour/7 days or 8 to 5 weekdays and include material, labor, and software (program) support along with limited system and network consultation support.

  • One year service plan on equipment, components, and labor
  • Three (3) year plan on equipment, components, and labor
  • Five (5) year service plan on equipment, components, and labor

On-call Service

Always available is on-demand (call) service, maintenance, and consultation support services at an affordable hourly rate. Although we recommend a service agreement, ComNet has a policy of prioritizing service requests based on customer business impact and not type of service agreement.

Infrastructure (System) or Network Modifications

ComNet is always eager to respond to customer requests for system or network upgrades, enhancements, additions, moves, or changes with either time and material estimates or specific project quotes. Request free price quotes and schedule your upgrades and enhancements with our service staff. Manufacturer recalls and mandatory operational upgrades are generally supported by the supplier and provided at no charge.

If you have questions about our services, contact us today.

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