Manufacturing and Industry
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Manufacturing isn’t a single sector, but a combination of multiple departments, including sales, marketing, finance, management, etcetera.

To unite the complexities and communications between each of these departments, an efficient communication system is necessary for success.

With a voice over internet protocol (VoIP), engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers can operate seamlessly throughout their respective departments. Traditional phone systems don’t have the technology necessary to compete with cloud-based systems.

ComNet Solutions understands the complexities your organization faces. Along with our managed services options, we provide virtually bulletproof operating systems, software assurances, and stable applications from leading manufacturers.

VoIP systems enhance security, cut costs, increase productivity, and promote scalability in your organization.

Who We Serve:

Serving a variety of manufacturing sectors, from engineering to product design, we understand the flexibility required to maintain a productive and successful working environment.

The Challenges You Face & The Solutions We Provide:

With a VoIP system, manufacturers are empowered with flexibility, mobility, and scalability offered by a cloud-based service.

Company communications can easily be distributed via IM or SMS across multiple departments, allowing team members to communicate and collaborate effectively.

With the flexibility to access data anywhere, employees can also relay pertinent information to call centers and clients while on the go.

ComNet’s VoIP system provides seamless access and standard features for home-based or remote employees and multiple location networks.