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With constant progress in technology, it’s easy to overlook the basics of traditional human communication. For hotels and travel agencies, success hinges on the happiness of your customers and the quality of your phone system.

With a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system, technology is changing how we travel, make reservations, and purchase services. Whether your organization is a high-end resort, local motel, lodge, casino, or a cruise line, an internet-based phone system provides benefits that traditional phone systems can’t deliver.

ComNet Solutions provides VoIP systems that enhance security, cut costs, increase productivity, and promote scalability in your organization.

Who We Serve:

Serving a variety of hospitality organizations, from motels to high-end resorts, we understand that employing the right technology means more happy customers and more returning customers.

The Challenges You Face & The Solutions We Provide:

When families plan vacations, they expect a hassle-free experience from beginning to end. By employing a VoIP system, your organization can create a personal touch for each customer.

A VoIP system ensures each phone call and data collection is securely stored in the cloud. Meaning, payment details, and personal information are out of reach for hackers, as opposed to traditional phone systems. This information is readily available for subsequent phone calls, making it easy to continue to provide the best customer service possible.

With the most critical information readily available, organizations increase productivity, improve front desk service, and enhance the overall customer experience.
Additionally, functionality plays a significant role in productivity and efficiency. With the click-to-call operation, you can easily see which staff members are available for calls and create a unified message across multiple locations. Other functions include call recording, which is beneficial for training, and personnel grouping for foreign language assistance.