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Premise-Based Phone Systems

Before the cloud, a premise-based communications system was the only option.

By keeping equipment on-site, businesses maintain a certain level of control than with cloud-based solutions. Knowing your data is housed on-site might lend peace of mind to managers and IT departments.

However, some businesses may find that the maintenance for the traditional route is more costly than a cloud-based solution. Premise-based solutions often require updating equipment, which becomes obsolete every few years.

Mitel and Toshiba are our partners for premise-based solutions.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Cloud-based solutions differ from premise-based solutions in a big way.

While the server size and maintenance cost are less of a concern, security is one of the most considered aspects of cloud-based systems.

However, companies that opt for the more tech-friendly solution are only required to pay for the equipment and storage that they utilize, without the maintenance cost and expense of paying for unused storage or data.

Mitel and TPX are our partners for cloud-based solutions.

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