ComNet Solutions

ComNet Solutions is a leading provider of voice and data solutions serving the Ohio marketplace since 1974. Focusing on business needs and LISTENING to the customer, separates ComNet Solutions from our competitors.

The management team at ComNet Solutions with over 100 years in the communication industry understands the communications business from the customer’s side and can assist with your acquisition of one of the most valuable tools your company needs.  A telephone system that will work with you at an affordable price and service unparalleled in the industry.

The ComNet Difference

ComNet Solutions differentiates itself from the competition through experience, advanced technology, cost effective pricing and a focus on delivering a long term Solution for our clients.

In this world of increased business competition, it is not enough to simply supply a good telephony product at a reasonable price. With a wide variety of vendors and products available, it takes solid commitment to customer service to gain loyalty and repeat business. Business experts agree that customer service is the competitive edge for any successful business-it’s an indisputable fact that becomes clearer each and every day. If you can’t please and keep your customers, you will not survive in these customer-oriented times.