VOIP Telephone System Solution Portfolio – System Flexibility

This second of five solutions portfolio/benefit suite focuses on:
Flexibility Solutions Portfolio – The Imperative to Scale with the BusinessRespond to current business situation (start-up, growth or recovery), scale with the business, keep pace with marketplace demands and meet customer expectations. Integrate with information technologies and align with the business to drive performance.

  • Scalable digital platform designed for flexibility in deployment, initial design, to adapt, to grow with investment protection lifeline migration path
  • DIY initial installation configurator and ongoing administration or certified ComNet implementation and optional managed services
  • On-site or remote system administration, live programming modifications and hardware upgrades
  • Cost-effective station/user phone match, flexible feature assignment, personal user settings and programmable telephone keys, full-duplex speaker phones and wireless conference room stations available
  • Mix and match analog, digital and IP phones to build on initial telephone cable investment, integrate with IT infrastructure and/or migrate on-demand
  • Seamless access, transparent answering and common features for home based or remote employees and multiple location networks

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