VOIP Telephone System Solution Portfolio – Individual Productivity

This fifth and last solutions portfolio/benefit suite post focuses on:
Productivity Solutions Portfolio – The Imperative to Boost Employee Contribution
Increase individual premise, remote, home based or mobile employee productivity and contribution. Support executive level planning, negotiating, decision making, problem solving, organizational leadership and resource management.

  • Executive productivity suite including personal numbers, follow-me, find-me flexible call routing, secretary/boss integration, conferencing, station camp-on/barge-in, speed-dial, last number redial, message waiting, call log and other executive capabilities.
  • Handset, full-duplex speakerphone or flexible wired or wireless head-set operation, background music through phone and other applicable station accessories
  • On-demand or scheduled staff (employee) voice, video, FAX, text or web or email collaboration, unified messaging and personal (in/out/busy) LED status indication
  • Personal productivity suite through calendar, contact list, voice mail, email (Outlook), CRM systems and other business and personal device synchronization capabilities
  • Flexible remote location hot desking, alternate phone log-in, dynamic extensions and personal mobility through (Apple/Android) smartphone interface and optional softphone laptop and tablet connectivity
  • Instant and unified voice/email messaging (Voice to text/text to voice) and personal or virtual voice mail boxes
  • Digital stylish and easy to use endpoints (phones) with handset or headset operation, programmable feature keys, digital display, voice prompts for ease of use
  • Ethernet pass-through, system level OAI, station level CTI and other vertical market group (third-party) computer integration applications

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