VOIP Telephone System Solution Portfolio – System Reliability

VOIP Telephone System Solution Portfolio – System Reliability


Most of today’s sophisticated software controlled VOIP telephone systems have over 400 standard or optional features while most businesses only use an average of 10 to 12 on a daily basis. It is important to maximizing your system investment by converting relevant features into direct or indirect benefit, measureable impact and overall value to your specific business. This is done by aligning the system hardware and software configuration, feature allocation, programming and network access to the workplace (environment), the workforce (employees), the customers (callers) and the business goals and objectives. Partnering with a company like ComNet Solutions that embraces the solutions portfolio/benefit suites strategy through its customer lifecycle experience commitments can be just as important decision criteria as the system itself and the initial investment. This first of five solution portfolio posts focuses on: Reliability Solutions Portfolio – The Imperative to Sustain Business Continuity
Industry leading manufacturer through local authorized (certified) dealer – ComNet Solutions

  • Leading-edge system component manufacturing, quality control, extended MTBF, standard one year warranty with managed services or optional extended warranty
  • Enterprise level server hardware no moving parts or heat reliability with dedicated or optional virtual (ISS) communication system software and optional applications
  • Virtually bullet proof Lynux (Mitel) or Windows (Toshiba) operating system, optional software assurance and stable, native applications from a proven, global leading manufacturer
  • Standard or traditional level of performance (operation) with survivable remote locations
  • Optional mission critical fail-safe (redundant) performance with battery backup
  • Serviceability suite with scheduled or on-demand system monitor, alarms, reporting, external and internal alerts, remote (web) diagnostics with recovery, hot swap hardware and live (online) software upgrades and programming
  • System and network design, certified installation and lifecycle managed services options 

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