Toshiba Solutions Portfolio

Toshiba ICT Solutions Portfolio
Through its local ComNet Solutions partnership, Toshiba, a global leader in information and communication technology innovation delivers leading edge products, applications and network solutions designed to meet the most demanding voice and data communication needs of any size or type of business. Your Toshiba system is feature packed and benefit rich with the powerful solutions portfolio outlined at right. An unmatched portfolio of benefit/feature suites designed to impact top-line business performance and bottom-line business operations.

  • Recognized (Industry leading supplier)
  • Affordable (Meet needs within budget)
  • Flexible (Deployment, design, adapt, grow and migrate) 
  • Reliable
    Manufacture, standard, fail-save or survivable, components, hardware, operating system and applications
  • Serviceable (System, network and station level)
  • Securable (Safe and secure)
  • Manageable (System, network and user cost control)        
  • Powerful (Executive level leadership/management support)
  • Responsive (Vertical segment applications)
  • Profitable (Business performance/Top-line impact)
    Enhance incoming caller access and service
  • Efficient (Business operations/Bottom-line impact)
    Improve overall office efficiency, information and communications flow
  • Productive (Increase individual employee productivity and collaboration)
    Premise, remote location and mobile users
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