Three Types of SMB Internal Business Challenges

Three Types of SMB Internal Business Challenges


The six external forces of change can create internal business challenges along with self-inflicted challenges created by the normal operation of the business. Through poor planning, marginal business decisions, outdated policies, unresponsive procedures, cumbersome processes, employee mistakes, obsolete technology and other factors, many businesses create their own challenges which can have a negative direct (hard) and indirect (soft) dollar impact on the business. Business challenges today fall into one of three basic categories.
Priority 1: Problems that must be solved to survive – Roadblocks
Priority 2: Needs that should be met to compete – Building blocks
Priority 3: Opportunities that can be leveraged to grow – Growth blocks

Business Performance Challenges – Increase Sales, Revenue and Profit
All types and sizes of businesses today can be divided into two basic centers – business performance and business operations. The external focused business performance or front-office revenue and service center functions and related challenges have a top-line hard and soft dollar impact on the business through strategic and tactical marketing, customer acquisition and experience, initial offering sales, revenue, profit and customer lifecycle support and sales. What are some of your business performance challenges?

Business Operations Challenges – Increase Productivity and Control Costs
The internal focused business operations or back-office cost and expense center functions and related challenges have a bottom-line hard and soft dollar impact on the business through cost prevention, control, expense management, efficiency, finance, human resources operations, production and performance. What are some of your business operations challenges?

Business Voice and Data Technology Solutions
A contemporary telephone system deploying VOIP technology integrated with your information (computer) systems and aligned with the business can provide powerful solutions to internal business challenges driving positive hard and soft dollar business performance and operations returns. For more information contact ComNet Solutions at: or Columbus: 614-210-0994 or Dayton: 937-231-3991

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