Ten Reasons to Replace Your Aging Telephone System Now

Ten Reasons to Replace Your Aging Telephone System Now


If your current communication (Phones/voice) system and network is over five years old and not integrated with your information (Computer/data) system and network and aligned with your business goals and objectives you need to replace it for the following mission critical reasons.

Company External Reasons

  • Evolving experience loyal business buyer and consumer expectations
  • You must survive, compete and grow in today’s volatile business landscape
  • Today’s business buyers and consumers are engaged, connected and informed
  • Rapid technology evolution is driving costs down and power, speed and functionality up
  • Powerful external forces of business change can create internal business challenges

Company Internal Reasons

  • It can have a positive or negative impact on your current situation – Start-up, recovery or growth – there is no stability or maturity left in business today
  • The workplace must evolve with the ever changing workforce and productivity technology
  • Information (computers/data) and communications (phones/voice) are equal success factors and must integrate and align with the business to drive performance
  • It can create business performance (front-office/top-line) and operations (back-office/bottom-line) hard and soft dollar business challenges with a negative financial impact
  • It could be costing you customers, money (profit), efficiency and productivity

If now is the time to upgrade your current telephone system to scale with your business and keep pace with your market and customers, contact us today: www.comnetsolutions.us or Columbus: 614-210-0994 or Dayton: 937-231-3991

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