Retail/Distribution VMG Telephone System Solutions Portfolio

 Retail and Distribution VMG Telephone System Solutions Portfolio
The Retail and Distribution vertical market group (VMG) includes a verity of for-profit national, regional and local retail establishments, wholesale and distribution and other consumer and commercial (Business) vertical business segments or non-profit organizations listed here.

  • Shopping Malls and Centers
  • National Retail Chains
  • Big Box, Warehouse and Club Stores
  • Local Boutiques, Specialty and Small Merchants
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Dealers, Agents and Brokers
  • Consumer Products and Goods
  • Consumer Service Providers
  • Business (Commercial) Products
  • Business (Commercial) Service Providers
  • E-retailer and Online Shopping Services
  • Convenience and Grocery Stores
  • Charity Stores and Pawn Shops
Retail and Distribution VMG Solutions Portfolio
Listed below are just a few of the key retail, wholesale and distribution vertical market solutions and benefit suites offered by ComNet Solutions through its flagship products. Although there are some differences in the way specific features work and interact within the Mitel and the Toshiba systems, they basically offer a similar suite of standard and optional solutions designed to drive these mission critical business imperatives for all types and sizes of retail stores, commercial products and services and other retail, trade and distribution business segments.

Reliability Solutions Portfolio – The Imperative to Sustain Business Continuity
Industry leading manufacturer through local authorized (certified) dealer – ComNet Solutions

  • Leading-edge system component manufacturing, quality control, extended MTBF, standard one year warranty with managed services or optional extended warranty
  • Enterprise level server hardware no moving parts or heat reliability with dedicated or optional virtual (ISS) communication system software and optional applications
  • Virtually bullet proof Lynux (Mitel) or Windows (Toshiba) operating system, optional software assurance and stable, native applications from a proven, global leading manufacturer
  • Standard or traditional level of performance (operation) with survivable remote locations
  • Optional mission critical fail-safe (redundant) performance with battery backup
  • Serviceability suite with scheduled or on-demand system monitor, alarms, reporting, external and internal alerts, remote (web) diagnostics with recovery, hot swap hardware and live (online) software upgrades and programming
  • System and network design, certified installation and lifecycle managed services options

Flexibility Solutions Portfolio – The Imperative to Scale with the Business
Respond to current business situation (start-up, growth or recovery), scale with the business, keep pace with marketplace demands and meet customer expectations. Integrate with information technologies and align with the business to drive performance. 

  • Scalable digital platform designed for flexibility in deployment, initial design, to adapt, to grow with investment protection lifeline migration path
  • DIY initial installation configurator and ongoing administration or certified ComNet implementation and optional managed services
  • On-site or remote system administration, live programming modifications and hardware upgrades
  • Cost-effective station/user phone match, flexible feature assignment, personal user settings and programmable telephone keys, full-duplex speaker phones and wireless conference room stations available
  • Mix and match analog, digital and IP phones to build on initial telephone cable investment, integrate with IT infrastructure and/or migrate on-demand
  • Seamless access, transparent answering and common features for home based or remote employees and multiple location networks

Business Performance Solutions Portfolio – The Imperative to Drive Front-office, Revenue and Service Center Performance with Top-line Impact
Enhance incoming caller access, service and compete aggressively through positive customer experiences. Objectives include driving customer acquisition, sales, revenue, profit, and improving productivity and service.

  • Research, marketing campaigns, sales, and service multimedia contact (call) centers (ACD)
  • Information and communications security suite to include encryption and other industry specific privacy regulation compliance capabilities
  • Virtual trunking, direct in lines, priority routing, flexible call answering, camp-on with routing and ring-back options and other inbound call management capabilities
  • Call handling suite through attendant consoles, direct station selection/BLF, caller ID, automated attendant and flexible interactive voice response
  • Inbound and outbound call detail capture, reporting and automated or on-demand system wide or individual station voice call recording with warning
  • Personnel locater suite through phone, zone and all page, page park with flexible pick-up and hands-free voice announce and calling
  • Multiple tenant service with flexible numbering, system and station feature allocation and other potential revenue stream capabilities
  • Internal and external emergency (security) alarms, stations and first responder notification
  • Station user and customer conference and collaboration anywhere, anytime (personal email) with optional multimedia conferencing
  • Automated appointment scheduling, customer notifications (alerts), promotions and appointment confirmations through virtual voice mail boxes
  • Customer experience suite with music (file based), recorded announcement, event notifications, caller options and other on-hold applications
  • Inbound call routing suite through scheduled or on-demand time-based, skills-based and other flexible call routing capabilities
  • Variable night modes with caller routing and station ringing or forward options

Business Operations Solutions Portfolio – The Imperative to Manage Back-office, Cost and Production Center Resources with Bottom-line Impact
Improve overall office efficiency and information and communications flow. Objectives include prevent costs, reduce, control expenses while increasing efficiency and production quality 

  • Customer support, appointment, collection, feedback, help-desk and other back-office multimedia contact (call) centers (ACD)
  • Automated staff scheduling, shift notification, promotions and other announcements through virtual voice mail boxes or dedicated phone numbers or direct in departmental access
  • Call coverage suite with simultaneous or sequential ringing, ringing phone pick-up, flexible call forward, queuing, routing, distinctive ringing and flexible transfer with ring-back
  • Cost effective trunking, station set allocation, feature access, line access and toll restriction to reduce operating costs
  • Employee productivity management suite to eliminate inter-office calling charges, least cost routing, toll restriction, feature access and dialing limitations to reduce costs
  • Flexible account codes for customer bill back or department cost allocation
  • Optional relay service for door lock, door intercom and alternative ringers/bells or chimes

Productivity Solutions Portfolio – The Imperative to Boost Employee Contribution
Increase individual premise, remote, home based or mobile employee productivity and contribution. Support executive level planning, negotiating, decision making, problem solving, organizational leadership and resource management. 

  • Executive productivity suite including personal numbers, follow-me, find-me flexible call routing, secretary/boss integration, conferencing, station camp-on/barge-in, speed-dial, last number redial, message waiting, call log and other executive capabilities.
  • Handset, full-duplex speakerphone or flexible wired or wireless head-set operation, background music through phone and other applicable station accessories
  • On-demand or scheduled staff (employee) voice, video, FAX, text or web or email collaboration, unified messaging and personal (in/out/busy) LED status indication
  • Personal productivity suite through calendar, contact list, voice mail, email (Outlook), CRM systems and other business and personal device synchronization capabilities
  • Flexible remote location hot desking, alternate phone log-in, dynamic extensions and personal mobility through (Apple/Android) smartphone interface and optional softphone laptop and tablet connectivity
  • Instant and unified voice/email messaging (Voice to text/text to voice) and personal or virtual voice mail boxes
  • Digital stylish and easy to use endpoints (phones) with handset or headset operation, programmable feature keys, digital display, voice prompts for ease of use
  • Ethernet pass-through, system level OAI, station level CTI and other vertical market group (third-party) computer integration applications

Maximize Your Investment
Most of today’s sophisticated software controlled systems have over 400 standard or optional features while most businesses only use an average of 10 to 12 on a daily basis. It is important to maximizing your system investment by converting relevant features into direct or indirect benefit, measureable impact and overall value to your specific business by aligning the system hardware and software configuration, feature allocation, programming and network access to the workplace (environment), the workforce (employees), the customers (callers) and the business goals and objectives. Partnering with a company like ComNet Solutions that embraces this maximize your investment strategy through its customer lifecycle experience commitments can be just as important decision criteria as the system itself.