Beyond Telephones . . . ICT Alignment

Beyond Telephones . . . ICT Integration and Alignment
Information (computers/data) and Communications (phones/voice) Technology (ICT) alignment through any of the strategies outlined at right, is the integration of your business voice and data systems and network to support company goals and objectives, shape customer experience, harness business challenges, drive business performance and manage operating costs at all levels of the organization. In today’s highly competitive, fast-paced, experience loyal consumer marketplace, an obsolete telephone system and ICT infrastructure and network can be . . .

  • A costly business challenge if not addressed
  • A mission critical business planning strategy
  • A high priority business opportunity
  • A solid business investment with high return
  • A powerful business tool with top and bottom-line impact
  • A high impact business decision if postponed
  • A high priority project for the ComNet team

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ICT Integration and Alignment Strategies
Identified below are common ICT alignment strategies that companies use to harness their voice and data technology to drive business performance at all levels of the organization. As the rapid evolution of technology continues to drive costs down and speed, power and functionality up, industry experts agree that small and medium businesses (SMB) should do a voice and data technology assessment and alignment at least every five to six years to prevent possible top and bottom-line negative impact on the business.  The ComNet team of industry professionals can provide a no-cost or obligation ICT needs analysis, technology and network assessment, cost audit and ICT alignment recommendation that is often a more cost effective solution than your current configuration.

  • Integration Integrate your voice and data systems and network over a common infrastructure
  • Reconfiguration  System program, lines (connection), phones or features
  • Enhancement Software and/or applications
  • Upgrade Hardware upgrade, migration or partial replacement
  • Relocation Move and upgrade system or network at a different location
  • Replacement Independent premise systems or unified premise systems
  • Migration Conversion from premise to pure cloud telephony or hybrid