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Welcome to ComNet Solutions: Executive Technology Briefing (ETB)
This FREE lunch and learn Executive Technology Briefing (ETB) Conference or appointment provides a practical guide to Information (computers/data) and Communications (phones/voice) Technology (ICT) alignment to drive business performance and support business operations in all types and sizes of businesses. This opportunity is targeted at existing business owners, executives and/or (ICT) managers that wish to align their current business voice and data technology to their business to support survival, recovery, competitiveness or growth. ICT alignment integrates voice and data technology and network solutions with software and applications to help companies meet business priorities, harness business challenges (problems, needs and opportunities) and impact top-line business performance and bottom-line business operations. Key program benefits.

  1. Identify two mission critical success factors for business today
  2. Definition of ICT infrastructure and network and its role in the business
  3. Why ICT alignment is a mission critical business strategy
  4. Explore ICT infrastructure configuration options
    Premise Parallel, Premise Converged, Premise VOIP, Cloud VOIP or Hybrid
  5. Identify ICT related challenges and apply timely and effective solutions
  6. Align technology power and capabilities with business plans and goals
  7. Identify a proven ICT alignment process and alignment options
  8. Safe ICT infrastructure decision support strategies and resources
  9. What to expect from and ICT Partner
  10. Introduction to a proven ICT alignment partner – ComNet Solutions


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Conference Registration/Appointment Schedule