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ICT Alignment Process and ComNet Customer Lifecycle Experience
Outlined below are the steps to the proven ICT alignment process integrated with the ComNet exclusive Customer Lifecycle Experience Commitment.  Under each step are valuable decision support resources developed over years of customer experience and decision support. Although the steps in the process should always be implemented in the proper order, individual steps and/or the entire process can be expanded or collapsed in time based on project scope or priority, decision timeframe, budget period, resource allocation and other variables. You can download applicable worksheets below to help you navigate each step of the process. The ComNet team is always available to help you with a free, no-obligation analysis, assessment, audit and cost-effective recommendation.

Step 1: Awareness (Potential Suspect – Educate and Inform)
ICT Alignment Perspective/Current Situation Worksheet
This worksheet provides ICT integration and alignment perspective (why it is important) and helps you to determine your current business status or situation which can benefit from voice and/or data technology replacement.
Telecom System Obsolescence Guide (If your current telephone system is over 10 years old)
Brief Information/Communications Technology History
This brief overview of information and communications technology evolution provides perspective on the current ICT landscape.

Step 2: Discovery (Interested Prospect – Engagement and Involvement)
ICT Alignment Process/Readiness Worksheet
This worksheet outlines the ICT integration and alignment process, the ComNet lifecycle commitment and provides a qualification worksheet to evaluate your readiness for a telephone system upgrade and ICT alignment at this time.
This worksheet helps you identify your business challenges, valuable voice and/or data systems and network solutions and decision support buying objectives.
ICT Alignment User/Caller Needs Analysis Worksheet
This worksheet is designed to be distributed to key individual employees for specific telephone system needs analysis for their individual job and for feedback from frequent outside callers.

Step 3: Acquisition (Active Buyer – Recommendation and Decision Support)
ICT Alignment Decision Criteria Guide (Proven system buying objectives)
Telecom System Investment Guide (In today’s crowded telephone system supplier marketplace – Who can you trust?)
Telecom System Obsolescence Guide (If your current telephone system is over 10 years old)
Premise VOIP Systems VS Cloud VOIP Services (For making the most cost-effective decision for your specific business needs and investment budget)

Step 4: Implementation (Expectant Customer – Infrastructure, network installation and system benefit implementation)
Critical Path to ICT Deployment Success

Step 5: Management (Established Client – Lifecycle infrastructure, network and user management)
Critical Path to ICT Performance Success

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