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The Critical Path to ICT Deployment Success – New Customer Expectations
Through years of business voice technology experience, the ComNet team has learned that you are not just buying equipment when making a business voice system purchase, you are establishing a mission critical business relationship (partnership) with the contractor. The ComNet team provides seamless pre-cutover, cutover and post-cutover services for your new system and network while making the following deployment resources available to you for additional support.

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The Critical Path to ICT Performance Success – Established Client Expectations
Another unique element in the ComNet value premise is the ComNet Critical Path to ICT Performance Success that has been developed over years of successful system and network management experience and customer response. The ComNet team offers a variety of system, network and user management service and resources available to you to maintain your system to peak performance and aligned with your business. Listed here are some ongoing system support resources available to our customers.

Click on the link for an overview of the ComNet: Critical Path to ICT Performance

  • Emergency system service
  • System maintenance
  • User support
  • Consulting support