The ComNet Customer Experience

The ComNet Customer Lifecycle Experience
The only constant in business today is change. Dynamic, external forces can create mission critical challenges and opportunities for any size or type business. If your business telephone system is more than 10 years older than your computers, tablets and personal smart phones, you could be losing customers, productivity and money. Through its Customer Lifecycle experience differentiators highlighted at right, the ComNet team’s “lifecycle commitment” to its customers is to help harness their voice and data technology to drive performance, enhance their customer’s experience and manage operating costs now and throughout the lifecycle of the business.

  • Potential Suspect
    • Need Awareness
    • Educate, Inform and Gain Attention
  • Interested Prospect
    • Source Discovery
    • Communicate, Motivate and Build Interest
  • Qualified Buyer
    • Collaborative System and Network Design
    • System Recommendations and Acquisition
    • Engagement and Decision Support Resources
  • Expectant Customer
    • System and Network Deployment
    • Benefit Implementation Support
    • Technology Infrastructure Installation
    • Carrier Coordination and Network Implementation
  • Established Client
    •  System and Network Performance
    • Lifecycle Client Care
    • Technology Infrastructure Management
    • Technology Infrastructure Service
    • Managed Services
ComNet Customer Lifecycle Experience . . . Differentiators
The ComNet Customer Lifecycle Experience differentiators listed below help to shape and exceed client expectations while delivering a positive customer experience at each phase of the lifecycle. To learn more about each of the  differentiators, select it from the list below and link to a one page overview.


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Short ComNet Solutions Overview Video